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After Builders Cleaning

Efficient After Builders Cleaning for a Spotless Home

Every so often, homes need something more than a thorough cleaning session, and this is renovation. Renovating and remodeling is indeed a hectic period, though well worth it in the end. Looking at your newly renovated living space will make you proud, but there is another side to renovations that homeowners would rather not deal with. This is the mess that gets created and evenly spread up and down the whole house. Regardless of how experienced and clean working your builders are, the fact remains that building mess is there and hard to clean away.

Dealing with the Renovation Mess

Main problems will be the plaster and cement dust floating around the house as they stick to any surface and make their way even into the smallest of cracks. Wood shavings and sawdust are a real nuisance to deal with as they get stuck in carpets and rugs, making them unusable. Paint, lacquer, and silicone are also a problem to clean off some surfaces, in most cases, professional help is needed.

After Builders Cleaning

Specialized Cleaning Team for Post Renovation

Cleaners Wembley understands that renovations and house remodeling are stressful and hectic times indeed, so we devised an effective and efficient after builders cleaning service that deals with the mess quickly and easily so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home sooner. Cleaners Wembley has a designated team of professional cleaners dealing especially with post-renovation and after builders jobs. The reason is that such cleaning appointments are very specific and require particular knowledge and expertise, especially if there is little time to work in. We have prepared a detailed checklist inclusive of all rooms and areas of the house in need of special cleaning attention as a result of the renovation. Customers can provide their own cleaning instructions as well.

Attention to Detail in Every Room

Cleaners Wembley wishes to inform customers that window cleaning will be done from the inside only due to safety reasons, for specific window cleaning requests, please speak to our service consultants.

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Customer Testimonials

“After a major renovation, Cleaners Wembley’s team tackled the cleanup brilliantly. They left our home immaculate and ready to enjoy.” – Emma P.

“Their after builders cleaning service was thorough and efficient. They paid attention to every detail, leaving no trace of the construction mess.” – Daniel S.

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